Corporate Passes

Treat your employees to wellness through yoga at LIV.

  • 50 passes for $550 ($11 / class)
  • 100 passes for $950 ($9.50 / class) ​
  • 250 passes for $2250 ($9 / class)
​At the time of purchase, please provide LIV Yoga + Wellness with a full list of employee names and the number of passes to be assigned to each employee. All pass sets have a 12 month expiry. Expiration dates will be set from the date of purchase.

Company Discount Codes

Set up a customized discount code as a perk – just for your employees! ​ Each employee will receive 20% Off all LIV Yoga + Wellness Services including massage and yoga classes!

There is no minimum number of employees required to participate in this offer.
In order to provide the company with a discount code, LIV Yoga + Wellness will require reciprocal promotion via the company newsletter, website or other literature.

Why LIV?


​LIV offers great corporate massage rates. We also offer direct billing, making the transaction even more convenient.

​ Give us a call at the studio and we can set up a package that will best suit the needs of your employees.


​Throughout the year, create fitness challenges that last 14-30 days and encourage employees to participate. The challenges can incorporate daily meditation and fitness programs that include yoga, barre or sculpt classes.

Challenges are fun, engaging and excellent team building activities.

Let the competition begin and whom ever does the most classes can win some great prizes!


​Healthy snacks aid in weight control, improve mood, and boost energy, making them a crucial addition to your office fridge.

Bring in the LIV nutritionist who can offer a lunch-and-learn and share some great nutrition tips and recipes.

​ Connect with one of our partners, They deliver right to your office and make it a convenient way to get some fresh, healthy food in your fridge while supporting local farmers.


​A few of the benefits of meditation include improved creativity, productivity and memory. Choose a 30 – 45 minute time-slot in the morning or afternoon for everyone to get away from their desk, get some fresh air and head over to LIV for a meditation class. Of course these can also be hosted at your office.