Events + Workshops

A 4 Week Series: Move through life with more energy and a clearer mind.

Dates: Saturday April 4, 11, 18, 25

Times: 1:30 – 2:30

Investment: $89 for all 4 weeks

Have you ever wanted to start a meditation practice, maintain its consistency and reap the many physiological benefits? For many, this is a nice idea, but the major hurdle to achieving this goal is lack of time. We move through our lives with little to no time dedicated to ourselves, and as a result we suffer from high levels of stress, lack of sleep resulting in emotional and physical tensions.

This 4 week practical meditation series offers students realistic ways to integrate easy meditation techniques into their daily lives. Students attend one 60-minute class per week. Time between classes allows students time to practice one or more of the described meditation techniques. Journaling is strongly recommended, but not required. Student experiences will be shared and discussed at each weekly class to provide support and share insights. The workshop begins with a discussion of the scientific benefits of meditation. Students are provided with excerpts from scientific journals and texts that use peer review and the scientific method to support the benefits of the practice.