We are excited to announce our partnership with Boundless Wellness Coaching! Boundless was created by our very own Rebecca Gilbertson – Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Wellness Coach. Her goal is to support you with the tools and strategies to increase confidence and overcome the barriers to becoming your best self.

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Science and years of experience supporting people in their mental health and trauma. Her personal journey through these challenges inspired her to create space for others to discover their potential through the practice of mindful movement and holistic health. Boundless meets you where you’re at and explores strategies to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Together you’ll tailor a program that works for you and empowers you to move with your life.

She’s excited to be partnering with LIV Yoga & Wellness to bring you the Boundless experience.


Self Care Discovery Session - $49

This session will introduce you to the benefits of Wellness Coaching and how it can transform your self-care routine. Rebecca will guide you through the exploration of current behaviours and help you develop new strategies to thrive.

*Includes one 30-minute session followed by recommendations for next steps.

Self-Care Kick-Starter Package - $249

Self-care is a lifestyle rather than a quick fix. It incorporates sleep habits, nutrition, movement and more. Rebecca will support you to identify opportunities for growth within your current routine to kick-start your self-care journey.

*Includes a comprehensive 90-minute introductory session and a 45-minute follow-up session.

The Self-Care Series - $549

Holistic self-care supports a healthy body, mind and spirit. In this three-session series Rebecca will coach you toward bringing these elements into balance and support you in implementing the strategies to achieve your goals.

*Includes three 60-minute sessions, coaching check-ins and plans/resources that are tailored to your needs.*

Book with Rebecca

Mondays from 9am – 3pm, Saturdays from 3pm – 7pm

Cancellations & Appointment Change Policy: 24 hours notice is required to cancel, reschedule or modify an appointment. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of 50% of the cost for that treatment.